Ways of spending New Year's Eve with Kids

Traditionally, New Year’s Eve is considered a holiday for grownups. True, midnight is past most kids’ bedtimes, but there are still plenty of fun ways to usher in the new year with children. It is a special time to reflect upon the past year and to think about what changes you may want to make in your life.

New Years Eve Family sitting together

For us, New Year’s Eve is always family time, filled with sparkling cider, and lots of fun crafts and activities to keep us busy all night long! But if you find yourself stuck for ideas on how to spend this special evening with kids, then we’re here to help.

Here are some fun ideas for creating New Year's Eve traditions for families with kids:

1) Play Dress Up 

Play dress up with young children. Choose anything from your best party wear to crazy accessories or even fancy dress - why not let the kids decided the theme? Bring out the bowties, high heels, feather boas lipstick and pearls. Make it even more exciting by adding a photo booth!
Kids dressed up

2) Snack break!

Let the kids choose from healthy treat options to create their own customized mix at your do-it-yourself snack bar. Everyone gets to create their own personalized mix according to their preferences, so everyone’s a happy snacker! To add even more creativity into the mix, let the kids decorate their snack bags with markers, stickers and more! 

Kids snacks on a table

3) Wish Jar

All you need for this is a jar, some paper and some pens. Each family member can use a piece of paper to write one thing they’d love to do or place to visit in 2019, from their favourite day out. Then, throughout the year, take it in turns to pick from the jar and build your weekend plans around that - an adventure awaits!

Wish jar with hearts

4) Turn the Alarm on!

Ask guests to bring as many alarm clocks as they can and set them all to go off at midnight (or earlier, if you’re celebrating a mock New Year). When the alarms start ringing, bang pots and pans, toot horns and simply hug, kiss and wish everyone a happy year.

alarm clock

5) Make a scrapbook or memory box

Memories are precious, so why not spend the night looking back on the last 12 months? Choose your favourite photos, mementos from the previous year or making memory box that will be remain sealed until the children turn 18--or at least until the next New Year's Eve. This could easily become an annual tradition, to help track your family adventures over the years.

Girl cutting paper

6) Pyjama Party

Buy matching pyjamas for all family members and have a New Year's Eve pyjama party that includes Mom and Dad!

Family in matching pyjamas reading book