Montessori Materials: Pink Tower
Montessori Materials: Pink Tower
Montessori Materials: Pink Tower

Montessori Mathematics Toys: Pink Tower Solid Wood Cube 1-10CM

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Visually appealing and engaging, the Pink Tower is a foundational material from the Sensorial Area of the Montessori classroom.

The Pink Tower, iconic to the Montessori classroom, embodies the direct and indirect purpose of most Montessori materials. Stacking the cubes calls for visual discrimination, coordination, and precision. Indirectly, a child is preparing himself or herself for understanding cubed roots in later math.

The smallest cube measures 1cm cubed, and the largest is 10cm cubed. In this way, the Pink Tower introduces the concept of base ten, which is also present in other Sensorial materials such as the Brown Stair.

When beginning the activity, the child carefully takes each cube, one by one, to their work mat. As the child builds the tower, biggest to smallest, he or she might transpose one cube for another, but will quickly discover their error when the tower doesn’t look quite right. Another control of error!

Age Range: 3+
Material: Wood